The moment she said YES!
July 26, 2019

L&O Marriage Getaway

couple on a pier hugging after their wedding in blue sky

Flip-Flop Wedding at Pafos Castle

This wedding was by no means my usual booking, as a mater of fact I didn't even speak to the couple before we met 10 min before the ceremony.
I was contacted by Sunday Times to work with them on a love story regarding Interfaith marriages in Cyprus from abroad and how Cyprus offers a safe haven for couples that want to take the next step in life.
We set off from Nicosia for a 2 hour drive to Pafos that we knew their was a couple of civil ceremonies to be had on the day but without a clear idea of who will find and if they were willing to be featured. What I didn't expect was to meet these two wonderful and full of genuine love people that flew to Pafos to for their Civil wedding day at the local registry at the romantic seafront of Pafos . They arrived a day ago and were to spend a few more days after as part of their honeymoon.

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