couple on a pier hugging after their wedding in blue sky
L&O Marriage Getaway
August 8, 2018
couple on a pier hugging after their wedding in blue sky
L&O Marriage Getaway
August 8, 2018

The moment she said YES!

I have been documenting weddings for some time now but never really got the opportunity to witness the couples decision/proposal to follow one unified path. To have the responsibility to capture that moment was exiting and although I don't practise snooping around beaches with a telephoto lens, I was confident I could make my self blend in as a tourist. So beach hat and flipflops it was, on the beach with a long island ice tea in one hand and the camera on the other.
So when Michael contacted me that he is planing a proposal at the beachfront of Pafaos, I was to say the least, Very exited.
They were flying over from the UK and M had it all planed out, togive his wife to be, the perfect wedding proposal.
We met in person on the day a few hours before the BIG question to figure out sitting locations and positioning and with the help of the staff we hade a plan ready.
S had no idea what was about to come, I saw them eat, drink, smile and cheer, as I was hidden away behind a beach gazebo.
M looked confident and not too unease with the dinner approaching. God knows I was..
As the time passed by and the sun was setting i felt the tension and before you knew it there he was. M stood up, held his breath, went down on one knee and i almost felt the electricity between them as she turned around and realized what M had planed for her.

The next few seconds seem to have lasted minutes, a true Kodak moment and what an honor to be there and experience the beginning of what I hope to be a long journey for M&S. My ninja movements had come to end and is now time for me to reveal my self.
After a 6 course meal that was cut short, a quick brake for S to return to earth we moved on to some couple photos to celebrate and although the sun was now well gone we managed to get some very nice and intimate images to commemorate this night.
I hope you enjoyed this set of images and if your thinking about proposing as a surprice or your interested in a couples session with your partner feel free to drop me a line and work it out.