L&O Marriage Getaway
August 8, 2018

The moment she said YES


I have been documenting weddings in one way or another for a long time now but never really got the opportunity to witness the couples decision/proposal to follow one unified path.


We met in person on the day a few hours before the BIG question to figure out exact locations and positioning, M looked confident and not too unease with the dinner approaching. God knows I was..


There were a couple of moments that i thought i was spotted and the thought of spoiling the surprise was devastating to think of. S had no idea though, I saw them eat, drink, smile and cheer hidden away either in a nearby bush or behind a beach gazebo.


As the time passed by and the sun was setting i felt the tension and before you knew it there he was. M stood up, held his breath, went down on one knee and i almost felt the electricity between them as she turned around and realized what M had planed for her.


The next few seconds seem to have lasted minutes, A true Kodak moment and what an honor to be there and experience the beginning of what I hope to be a long journey for M&S. My ninja movements had come to end and is now time for me to reveal my self.