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July 26, 2019

Photo Talk 23mm f:2


So about last night, I took my xt2 and a couple of lenses and went down town in Nicosia to take some photos. I wanted to test out a new piece of glass for my Fuji system the Fuji 23mm f:2

This will not be a highly technical review about the lens (plenty of those online) but rather than sharing some of the images of the night and how i feel about performance and maybe aesthetics of the images.

So I started my walk and this is the first think that caught my eye At ISO 1000 and 1/250 sec i was able to capture this image without any cars in. 1000 ISO easy, amazing really but tonight i was ready to push this camera to 52000 ISO.

The Fuji is iso invariant so some of the images where shot at stupidly low ISO just to test the camera and lens combo out. Why you may ask? well look into the ISOinvariant and you may soon realize the hidden potential in these cameras.

It wasn't long into my walk that I came across the open of Cypria Festival, I tagged along for their stroll around the old part of Nicosia and for some of their performance. This Little camera is so customizable that I fount my self switching from one shooting style to onether without issues. Jumping from AUTO ISO to full manual mode with just a few clicks.

ISO 10000 | 1/250 Sec | f:2
ISO 10000 | 1/160Sec | f:2
ISO 10000 | 1/250 Sec | f:2

Being able to shoot at 1/250 of sec with street light being the only available light around i cant say i feel limited by the f:2. For me noise and grain always had a place , especially within street photography, coupled with Fuji face detection, articulated screen and Auto iso i was able to set a min shutter speed and aperture and still control how the image looks like. Walking from bright street light to almost no light i had no time to waste and the camera helped achieve that. I cant say i ever shoot auto ISO, in fact i hardly ever do, but as with all things being tools is when and how to use them.


Walking around with the 23mm is great. A true reportage kens, with the FOV of a 35mm FF it keeps me close to the action without becoming intrusive and keeps me almost unnoticed. The constant f:2 was great. I cant say I found myself looking for that extra one stop of light although I thought I would. This was a major concern of mine when choosing which 23mm to get. I opted for the f:2 due to focus speed, size, weight and price.


Towards the end of my walk I walked down Ledras looking and wondering around. on of my favorite shooting subjects is people in all sorts of environments. I met a British man of Caribbean origin and his cat called Cyprus. Kevin has been homeless for some time now as he said and although his misfortune had led him in the place he is now, he was vary hopeful about. life and i promised him to meet him again

ISO 1200 | 1/60 sec | f:2

Overall I'm happy with the performance of the lens and camera combo and I really like some of the images. I didn't get a chance to shoot at max ISO, which I would have if I had the 10-24 f:4 lens with me. I hope you enjoyed the images. Photo talk is aimed to focus on non professional work that I do. You can see more of my everyday street work on my Instagram account found here