Some time ago my partner Emily and I found ourselves travelling from Negombo, Srilanka to Kandy and Colombo. We didn't have to much time to explore as this was mostly a work trip. I know bumper right? It was what it was at the end of the day and I look forward to revisiting the area again soon. From back when I started photography films have always been a part of my carrier, I don't shoot film on paid gigs anymore and the days of medium format is gone from commercial photography. It has been many years since I was collecting film cameras even after the switch to digital in the early 2000s, My latest one bought a couple of Christmas ago a Rollei 35. On this trip I of course had my digital arsenal with me but I also like to take a small pocketable camera, my Canonet QL19 was in the bag to tag along and a handfull of Fuji Superia 400 films. I have quite a few rolls left and although expired a few years ago I know from experiance that they can still be used with good results. See film when it passes is due day it starts to loose is light sencitividy and may have some alteration in colours. Knowing that I shot the film as a 200 ISO to allow for more ligh in and as far as the colours I knew I would have them scaned at the end so my develping wouldve been done digitaly with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.