Impromptu photo session at Eleftherias Sq

Spyros Christofi Photography

A few days ago before the second lockdown started in Cyprus, I went to visit the, newly open to the public, square by Zaha Hadid Architects. I am not from Nicosia so I don’t have a memory of the square before the project started in 2005. With more than 10 years in the making and with lots of controversy surrounding the project, regarding the relevance of the structure and how it relates to the old Venitian walls that surround the inner city of Nicosia, I was eager to see it through my lens.

As a photographer, I always keep my eyes open for possible shooting locations for future client work, so I went out with a few lenses and a camera to see what inspiration I can get from this dramatic “architectural intervention” as described by Zaha Hadid Architects. It is a bold and striking structure and I was immediately intrigued by the lines and shapes of the architects’ vision.

Not long after I run into Avgoustina, a BA dance student from the University of Nicosia and her friend that is a photography student at Edinburgh University. I approached her and asked if I could tag along and take some photos of her in this impressive structure. Sort of an impromptu photoshoot, make sure to give her a follow on insta

I didn't pack any of my flash gear with as I was only gonna be scouting the area and I immediately felt gutted that I didn't have my flashes or any of my Magmod gear with me, so natural light it was. I’m a big fan of Across film from Fujifilm and Avgoustina was wearing this amazing black skirt that I felt would juxtapose the white marble of the square splentetly.

I hope you have enjoyed this little set of images and I look forward to the next photo session at this location. If your looking to get some portfolio images fell free to get in touch and organise a colaboration