Portraits à
la silhouett

Exploring the divercity of people within the city walls of Nicosia that has always been a stop for a lot of travelers from the three surrounding continents. Nicosia is home to to many, from domestic workers, asylum seekers, tourists and visitors as well as its own diverse identity.

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Portraits à la silhouett was the name given to porturture done on the "cheap" and was named after Etienne de Silhouette, French finance minister. Given the nature of this style portraits became available to the less financially fortunate.

This profile photography was also used in clinical photography to document physic and characteristics of the face, mugshot photographs still illustrate the person from the side as well as straight on.

Borrowing elements from the above I created the people of Nicosia, Portraits à la silhouett. In a way exposing the multicultural identify of the inner city as well as making a social statement on the diversity and it's inherit identify.

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