We "R" Mutts

Exploring identity is a very big part of my investigative photographic journey. Maybe because my generation in Cyprus had had its identify impaired between to many ethnic branches.

With no less than five ethnic minorities and two political minorities within the Cyprus constitution, it can be hard identifying one self with ethnicity rather than nationality.

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This project is a play on identity and how is perceived. As the people who lived and occupied for some time or another this island and have left behind them traces of their DNA, resulting in a highly diverse local DNA

This project was done with shelter dogs in order to amplify the diverse nature of identity. Using the back of my old 4x4 and a piece of white cloth I was able to imitate a style that is most commonly used in studios for fashion or sometimes even police mugshots for identification.

This project aims to challenge what we conciser identity and how we are not defined by ts ethnic purity.

Spyros Christofi

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