For me photographing a wedding is a ceremony it self. My preferable way of covering a wedding is candidly, being an observer for the day, documenting.

My passion in photography lays with the notion of passing moments frozen in time and I love the challenge to be ready, observe and preempt that candid moment.

As a documentary photographer I aim to be as non intrusive as possible and is a quality I bring with me to every wedding. I often look for those moments that show emotion between you and your guest, the ones that tell the story.

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I often get up close to include as much as its necessary in my frame to tell a story. You will see me working with two cameras around my waist for those intimate moments that are happening across the room. I don't aim for those formal shots were everyone is standing in line looking at the camera, but I do like to set up for some nice portraits with you, your partner and guests.

Drop me a line to discuss your special day, set date to get to know each other and figure if i'm the right photographer for you.

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