Wellcome to my website, this is a place where I showcase and express both, my personal and professional work with the addition of some random blurbs. I'm not a writer and was never considered to be that good at writing , I was always drown more to visual stimulus and photography offered me a way of observing, which lead to me learning how to connect with my surroundings and other people. I have a bit of a monkey brain and photography for me offers a way to focus my thoughts, almost like a meditation while still being active.

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I have been making a living out of my work since the early 90s, studied photography from a vocational level and progressed to a higher form of education in Walles. Jack of many trades you might say when it come to photography from Documentary Weddings, Portraits, Brand company campaigns to Press photography for some local and international publications, but I have a great love for street photography and the people in them, since my early beginnings, documentary and street photography had a special place in my heart, it gave me a voice to speak, in it, I can frame what is important and use the urban surroundings as a backdrop for expression.

The streets for me are essential, is were I go and exercise my visual muscles, training my way of seeing to notice what I didn't notice last time I was there. A cosnstand challenge that I feel helps me in my commercial and wedding work. If there are a few words that I would say describes my way of working is, candid, aware and focused. Which I believe is visible in my portfolios

I was norn in 1981 in a government housing estate from parents that came to Limassol to start a new life after the war. We weren't particularly well off when we were growing up but we were happy, my parents started their photography lab in 1980, a year before I was born. As photographers, my parents worked a lot on the weekends as well as ruing a photo lab during the week. I grew up feeling responcible in their absance and I'm sure It had its role in me developing as a sufficient independent person, having film laboratory was great for it gave me a heads up in photography as I had the opportunity to learn a lot of technical aspects like mixing chemicals and analog printing. Got my first camera, a Zenith, alongside a book on photography a tripod some rolls of film and my dads old race bike at the age of 16. In one word FREEDOM.

See my family tree, as many others on this island, is scattered in different corners, from Famagusta to Larnaca to Limassol and now leaving and working in the divided capital of Nicosia. Growing up in the post-1974 war in Cyprus, political parties at the time played a really big roll in supporting the nation, through the years my political affiliations may have changed but my ideological beliefs remain social and I feel that this is one of the driving forces that guide my personal photography.

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